About Us

BeepXchange Limited with CAC Registration number RC1434015 is a digital asset exchange firm that leverages the digital asset Market and crypto currency tokens market to achieve liquidity and profitability for investors. We also provide easy means of owning digital assets and tokens. We also provide digital asset portfolio management for BitCoin and other viable digital tokens.

BeepXchange acts as a digital Asset Hub that Educates, Mentors and ensures her clients and investors leverages on digital asset to achieve liquidity and profitability.

We are that company that organizations and individuals can rely on for all their Digital Asset Investments as we have carefully set up parameters in determining the most reputable and Viable Digital Token Companies with Value Adds to Partner with for an optimum Return on Investment.

Our Vision:

To break the complexity of Digital Asset Investment and Exchange.


To become the intermediary between Buyers and Sellers of Digital Asset and Fund Managers.